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yet we all share a common goal: To ensure that policing and leadership skills are of the highest caliber. When you attend our annual training, you will have opportunities to meet other leaders to network and share common issues,goals and missions and to learn the latest in policing.

Lieutenant Alan Bledsoe
President, SPIAA

2020 Rescheduled to 2021

Hello fellow SPIAA Members.

Greetings fellow members.


Amidst the uncertainty of all that is going on with the shutdowns and budget drawbacks your executive council met by teleconference this week.  After much discussion it was determined that the SPIAA 2020 conference in July be rescheduled.  Many factors led to this decision but most important was the fact that SPI itself may be shut down for the remainder of the year as well as many departments completely freezing their training budgets for the remainder of this year.  Bearing all that in mind the decision was unanimously reached to hold the conference in Spartanburg July 18-22, 2021.  This will save us a substantial cancellation fee with Marriott.  I hope this message finds you all healthy and look forward to seeing you all as soon as regulations permit.  I think we have all been cooped up long enough. As we begin to navigate through our new “normal” I will be putting out further updates.  Stay tuned to the SPIAA homepage for further updates.


For those that have already paid their conference fee a refund will be generated ASAP.  Thank you all for supporting SPIAA.



Alan Bledsoe

C Platoon Watch Commander

Spartanburg Police Department



Executive Board 2019-2020

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Annual Training

The SPIAA Annual Training Conference is open to all law enforcement.  We cover topics of interest concerning policing in today's world and policing in spite of today's environment.  Our Training Conference attracts leaders in all areas of policing as well as scientists, psychologists, police trainers, criminal justice educators, as well as federal, state and local individuals in criminal justice fields.

Best of all, our training is affordable to police departments.

During the conference period, families of registrants are able to participate in tours and events set up by the organization and by the Auxiliary.  Early morning or in the evening, he SPIAA conducts board business, meets with members, and elects its new officers.  The 2021 Annual Training will be held in Spartanburg, SC. 

Plan on joining us there.

The Southern Police Institute

The Southern Police Institute is a division of the Department of Criminal Justice, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Louisville. It is an advanced education and training institute whose mission is to enhance the professional development of law enforcement practitioners. We accomplish this mission by providing educational and career development programs that are designed to challenge and to prepare law enforcement practitioners for the demands of today and tomorrow. The Southern Police Institute consistently is ranked among the top law enforcement educational and training schools in the nation.

Since the creation of the Southern Police Institute in 1951, its program of instruction has been grounded in the belief that law enforcement is a demanding activity requiring the highest level of professional preparation. The Southern Police Institute was established by its founders to provide a place where that preparation can be undertaken. The present faculty and staff dedicate themselves to this mission and continue to maintain the standards of excellence established by our founders. They are uniquely qualified as researchers, consultants, teachers and former law enforcement practitioners to guide and to direct the educational needs of today's law enforcement professionals.

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