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67th Shon Barnes 128 Salisbury Police Department, North Carolina 2017-18 Concord, North Carolina
66th Phil Webster 130 North Myrtle Beach Police Department, South Carolina 2016-17 North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
65th Chris Summers 125 Tallahassee Community College Police Department., Florida 2015-16 Sandestin, Florida
64th Todd A. Vinger 116 Washoe County Sheriff's Office, Nevada 2014-15 Reno, Nevada
63rd Andrew Ross 122 Tampa International Airport Police Department., Florida 2013-14 Tampa, Florida
62nd Robert L. Rollins 116 Union County Sheriffs Office, North Carolina 2012-13 Monroe, North Carolina
61st J. Scott Blakely 116 Lexington Division of Police, Kentucky 2011-12 Lexington, Kentucky
60th Patrick W. Swift 109 Covington Police Department, Kentucky 2010-11 Covington, Kentucky
59th Mary V. Olsen 110 West Palm Beach Police Department, Florida 2009-10 West Palm Beach, Florida
58th John Rodriguez 109 Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas 2008-09 San Antonio, Texas
57th Kevin G. Collins 110 New York City Police Department, New York 2007-08 New York City, New York
56th Colleen Luna 105 Saint Paul Police Department, Minnesota 2006-07 Saint Paul, Minnesota
55th Gary T. Crump 85 University of South Carolina Police Department 2005-06 Charleston, South Carolina
54th Bobby G. Ratliff 94 Virginia State Police 2004-05 Williamsburg, Virginia
53rd Phillip "Rick" Shimer 87 Brevard County Sheriff's Office, Florida 2003-04 Coco Beach, Florida
52nd Samuel "Smitty" Smith 100 Clayton County Sheriff's Office, Georgia 2002-03 Atlanta, Georgia
51st Tim Taylor 93 Franklin Police Department, Tennessee 2001-02 Franklin, Tennessee
50th Steve Sizer 82 Minneapolis Police Department, Minnesota 2000-01 Plymouth, Minnesota
49th John Carroll 87 Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, Florida 1999-2000 Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
48th Joan Penick 91 Covington Police Department, Kentucky 1998-99 Louisville, Kentucky
47th Henry R. Levenson 79 Gretna Police Department, Louisiana 1997-98 Gretna, Louisiana
46th W. Kenneth Paul 62 Virginia State Police 1996-97 Richmond, Virginia
45th Glen M. Mowrey 71 Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, North Carolina 1995-96 Charlotte, North Carolina
44th Ramon L. Wilson 82 Boone County Police Department, Kentucky 1994-95 Fort Mitchell, Kentucky
43rd Richard J. Gardell 82 Saint Paul Police Department, Minnesota 1993-94 Saint Paul, Minnesota
42nd Jerry E. Golden 55 Delaware County Sheriff's Office, Indiana 1992-93 Indianapolis, Indiana
41st G. Thomas Arnold 66 Metro-Dade Police Department, Florida 1991-92 Miami, Florida
40th Danny Andrews 69 Greensboro Police Department, North Carolina 1990-91 Greensboro, North Carolina
39th Jefferson R. Warren, Jr. 62 Chesapeake Police Department, Virginia 1989-90 Norfolk, Virginia
38th C. Michael Moulton 64 Kentucky State Police 1988-89 Louisville, Kentucky
37th Denny Bueno 62 Ohio Highway Patrol 1987-88 Columbus, Ohio
36th Charles J. Fisher 22 Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, Florida 1986-87 Tampa, Florida
35th Michael A. Chiuchiolo 56 Howard County Police Department, Maryland 1985-86 Columbia, Maryland
34th Ronald W. Cook, Sr. 45 South Carolina Law Enforcement Division 1984-85 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
33rd Eugene C. Brooks 48 Chesapeake Police Department, Virginia 1983-84 Norfolk, Virginia
32nd William C. Long 59 Orlando Police Department, Florida 1982-83 Orlando, Florida
31st Robert W. Steele 37 Greensboro Police Department, North Carolina 1981-82 Greensboro, North Carolina
30th James L. Black 52 Jackson Police Department, Mississippi 1980-81 Jackson, Mississippi
29th Harlan E. Tull, Jr. 51 Delaware State Police 1979-80 Wilmington, Delaware
28th Paul H. Uselton, Jr. 40 Nashville Police Department, Tennessee 1978-79 Nashville, Tennessee
27th Rueben Garcia 42 Brownsville Police Department, Texas 1977-78 Brownsville, Texas
26th C. Ronald Thornton 38 Clayton County Sheriff's Office, Georgia 1976-77 Atlanta, Georgia
25th Robert Strange 37 Orlando Police Department, Florida 1975-76 Orlando, Florida
24th John W. Rohal 38 Ohio Highway Patrol 1974-75 Columbus, Ohio
23rd D. Jim Phillips 38 Arizona Highway Patrol 1973-74 Phoenix, Arizona
22nd George Fender 22 South Carolina Law Enforcement Division 1972-73 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
21st Henry Bergfeld 21 St. Louis Police Department, Missouri 1971-72 St. Louis, Missouri
20th Lewis F. Blenard 21 Hagerstown Police Department, Maryland 1970-71 Annapolis, Maryland
19th Walter A. Burch 12 Greensboro Police Department, North Carolina 1969-70 Greensboro, North Carolina
18th H. J. Putman, Jr. 20 Dallas Police Department, Texas 1968-69 Dallas, Texas
17th James W. Carrie 19 Fort Lauderdale Police Department. Florida 1967-68 Fort Lauderdale, Florida
16th J. Robert Gore, Jr. 14 Georgia State Fire Marshall 1966-67 Jekyll Island, Georgia
15th Bert W. Hawkins 1 Louisville Police Department, Kentucky 1965-66 Louisville, Kentucky
14th James B. Stegall 18 Charlotte Police Department, North Carolina 1964-65 Charlotte, North Carolina
13th Robert W. Johnston 3 Fort Lauderdale Police Department, Florida 1963-64 Fort Lauderdale, Florida
12th Paul B. Calhoun 2 Greensboro Police Department, North Carolina 1962-63 Columbia, South Carolina
11th William P. McCarthy 16 New York City Police Department, New York 1961-62 Norfolk, Virginia
10th Walter L. Allen 11 Alabama Department of Public Safety 1960-61 Montgomery, Alabama
9th Teddy D. Cain 17 Dallas Police Department, Texas 1959-60 Lexington, Kentucky
8th Sterling Simonds 13 Delaware State Police 1958-59 Wilmington, Delaware
7th Herbert J. Badeaux 11 New Orleans Police Department, Louisiana 1957-58 Dallas, Texas
6th Arthur K. Ratz 10 Indianapolis Police Department, Indiana 1956-57 New Orleans, Louisiana
5th David A. Espie, Jr. 1 Kentucky State Police 1955-56 Greensboro, North Carolina
4th F. M. Bowman, Jr. 7 South Boston Police Department, Virginia 1954-55 Johnson City, Tennessee
3rd Jacob C. Goodman, Jr. 2 Charlotte Police Department, North Carolina 1953-54 Cumberland Falls, Kentucky
2nd J. V. Rawlings 3 Birmingham Police Department, Alabama 1952-53 Charlotte, North Carolina
1st Frank H. Gravitt 1 Lexington Police Department, Kentucky 1951-52 Louisville, Kentucky