"MEMBERSHIP Does Have Its Privileges..."




"The individuals who graduate from the Southern Police Institute are poised for the highest levels of responsibility in U.S. law enforcement."  Conference Presenter 2012


The Southern Police Institute (SPI) is a division of the Department of Justice Administration, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Louisville. It is an advanced education and training institute with a mission to enhance professional development in the law enforcement fields. This is accomplished by providing education and career development programs which challenge and prepare individuals to meet demands both today and tomorrow. The SPI is consistently ranked among the top law enforcement education and training institutes. Since the creation of the SPI in 1951, its program of instruction has been grounded in the belief that law enforcement careers demand the highest level of professional preparation. The SPI was established to provide that preparation. The faculty and staff are uniquely qualified as researchers, consultants, teachers and law enforcement practitioners to guide and direct the educational needs of today's law enforcement professionals.

Graduates of the SPI are recognized as knowledgeable professionals in law enforcement fields and are found in leadership positions throughout law enforcement in the United States. Membership in the prestigious Southern Police Institute Alumni Association (SPIAA) shows continuing interest in professional career, as well as a continuing dedication to professional, self-development. We offer SPIAA members opportunities in training and re-training, access to law enforcement data, materials, and information relevant to their law enforcement environment. Additionally, SPIAA members have access to the Members Only area of the website which includes access to the membership directory among other services. One of our most popular training opportunities for law enforcement is the annual training conference. Focusing on leadership in today's global policing arena, law enforcement officials join us for a week of advanced quality training, peer networking, outreach and social programs.

As one of the most significant assets of the Southern Police Institute, the SPIAA, first created by the graduates in 1951, has grown into one of the most active alumni groups at the University of Louisville.


This means that you have access to a large group of highly trained and motivated professional law enforcement individuals. Through our unique association, we are able to reach out on your behalf to skilled, qualified, and interested law enforcement officers who are ready to undertake the challenges of your career vacancy. 

For only a minor $50 processing fee, the SPIAA will broadcast your announcement through its network delivering it directly into the hands of our members. In addition, we publish your notice in our private blog.  Your vacancy instantly receives attention and you gain the ability to attract a wide audience of motivated law enforcement officers.

The perfect officer for your position is out there. Let us help you by targeting our audience.


1.  Pay your fee.

2.  Send your announcement to Carol Paterick, carolpaterick@gmail.com.

You will receive a copy of the notice which was published.  Normal publication is within 24 hours.







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